CC7 vs CC11 for volume/expression Control

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CC7 vs CC11 for volume/expression Control

Postby ggoodesa » Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:07 pm


The Miditzer Virtual Pipe Organ program has two Swell pedals (on a Pipe Organ these control the shutters around the Pipes, varying the volume and intensity of the sound of the Pipes). When hooked up to LinuxSampler the swell pedals have no effect on the volume of the ranks configured in each MIDI channel. Miditzer sends CC11 (CC:Expression) messages to the channels, but nothing changes. If I use MIDI-OX and translate the CC11 messages to CC7 message (CC:Volume), then the varying volume for the swell pedals works. My M-Audio keyboard volume slider runs on CC7 which is how I knew to try CC7...

So the question is: Why does CC7 work when CC11 doesn't? Do I need to map the GIG samples or configure something else? Any ideas?


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Re: CC7 vs CC11 for volume/expression Control

Postby dahnielson » Mon Sep 29, 2008 8:44 pm

CC7 messages control the instrument overall volume (I guess you set the default value for it by right-click in the instrument list in Gigedit and select "properties" in the menu to open the dialog where you can change it). CC11 need to be mapped to something in the instrument (I'm guessing "foot" is the same as CC11 in Gigedits list of controllers), e.g. you can select it to control the crossfade, amplitude envelop or filter cutoff.
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