multiple samples on one key

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multiple samples on one key

Post by anechoic » Mon Jan 17, 2011 10:18 pm

I'm building a percussion instrument in Gigedit and
trying to figure out how to create multiple layers for one key
so I can have three samples with crossfades that respond to velocity amounts

I tried to create dimensions but wasn't able to figure out how to place samples on layers

I tried to find some info online but found little to be helpful

just found the following but it is ANYTHING but clear - can someone translate this into something more useful? :)

Kicking the bass drum is not really a complicated use case. Imagine a more sophisticated piano sample. You can play it hard or soft, higher or lower notes and even press various pedals. That's the dimension's task. You take various samples (soft, hard, this pedal, that pedal) and get, let's say 4 different sample types of a 2-octave range.

First you create a region ranging from C2 to C4. But you get only one sample into this region. A dimension adds additional dimensions to this. A region with another dimension splitting into 2 bits gives you 4 more samples (2^2). Now how will the right sample be selected? First of all there's the region information, you already pressed a key. The sampler just asks the dimension, which controller it belongs to, checks this controller's setting and chooses the sample from the according dimension.

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Re: multiple samples on one key

Post by Alex » Wed Mar 02, 2011 8:59 pm

Anechoic, i'm not a big gigedit user, but in order to set velocity layers for one key, have you had a look at the SFZ format? The engine in LS is fast taking shape, and SFZ is fairly easy to setup. Might be a good alternative for you.


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