Welcome to the LinuxSampler Forum!

Things that make the work with LinuxSampler & Co easier, better, faster, louder and more sexy. Including friends like JACK, ALSA, etc.

Welcome to the LinuxSampler Forum!

Postby dahnielson » Fri Sep 05, 2008 7:00 pm

We are glad to welcome you the new LinuxSampler forum. We hope to build a great community and that it becomes a nice and friendly place to hang out. Spread the word!

Just a friendly reminder: Before posting a new topic, make a quick check if there's already a suitable topic that may already contain the answer you're looking for. Because it can be hard to find the little buggers sometimes when they're spread over several forums. So here's some help along on the way...

The forum has it's own search function, but to be nice one could say that it isn't as good as one would care to wish. A better option is to use Google, the googlebot frequently index the forum, and include the site:bb.linuxsampler.org operand in your searches to limit them to this very bulletin board.

Common Topics
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