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Linuxsampler on Raspberry Pi - rtmath issue

Posted: Thu May 23, 2013 1:50 pm
by moony
I tried to get Linuxsampler running on the Raspberry Pi (a small computer with an ARM CPU) But I got an error that rtmath is not available.
I found out, that ARM CPUs don't support the rtmath function (or the ability of time stamp), see this thread about another ARM computer:
Someone started to implement this function for ARM, but I don't get on with what is available there and he didn't answer my email.

Is it possible to disclaim rthmath in Linuxsampler? I know it's about precise timers. Could you use timers, that are just less precise?
Or any ideas how rtmath can be used on the Raspberry Pi or ARM generally?

Re: Linuxsampler on Raspberry Pi - rtmath issue

Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:27 am
by stevebake
I'm maintaining a linuxsampler-arm patch here which includes RTMath.cpp and atomic.h changes.
I'd love this to be merged upstream, but it is not clear how to propose that.