Fantasia w/ remote LS: gig files not showing up in Database

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Fantasia w/ remote LS: gig files not showing up in Database

Post by tasankovasara » Sat Apr 07, 2012 3:22 pm

Please help me crack this:

I have Linuxsampler installed from the KXStudio PPA, should be fairly recent. It's running on an Ubuntu Server machine along with NetJack1, which runs the MIDI and audio to / from the Linuxsampler box. All this is working and good.

I hit problems when trying to populate the Instrument Database. I use the 'Add directory' function in Fantasia's Database window, input the path to search (/srv/gig), Fantasia says it finds 400+ instruments, recreates the directory structure, but when I'm back at the Database window, it doesn't show the actual .gig files in the folders!

My first hunch was that it's got to do with file permissions, so recursively chmod 0777'd the whole /srv/gig tree. That didn't help. Then I remembered that the .gig files are on an XFS filesystem rather than traditional Ext4. The instrument database is also on that same XFS volume.

Anyone had this and gotten over it? Any ideas on what might be causing this besides the nonstandard file system? Moving the 250Gb of samples off the XFS volume to reformat it as Ext4 is too heavy an undertaking to just try and see... Also impossible, because I don't have another hard drive that big :)

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