fantasia and jack with ffado issue

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fantasia and jack with ffado issue

Postby allan_k » Mon Feb 13, 2012 5:05 am

Hi All

Over the weekend I started playing with linuxsampler and found a problem specific to ffado/jack machines.

When firing up fantasia on my firewire based machine it complains about not being able to find ALSA audio devices, even though jack is running and available utilising my ffado based device. The system only has ALSA midi devices (8*8 midi racks and controller devices)
When trying to create an audio device it would not give Jack as an option, the dropdown box was empty.

I was able to overcome this by creating and LSCP by hand and importing it.. however I'm sure this isn't intentional .. (I did try the CVS version too).

I wasn't able to confirm the same problem existed with qsampler as it crashed on startup..


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Re: fantasia and jack with ffado issue

Postby varpa » Wed Feb 15, 2012 1:40 am

I do not quite understand you problem. If you are running Jack (with firewire/ffado or alsa soundcard), then you must run linuxsampler using Jack audio devices, otherwise linuxsampler will not be visible to Jack. Linuxsampler midi devices can be configured to use either Jack midi or alsa midi, though Jack midi is recommended since it has lower jitter than alsa midi. Jack can use both jack midi and alsa midi devices at the same time. You can run aj2midid if you need to interconnect alsa/jack midi. Also, Jack can only connect to one soundcard at a time, so if you are using a firewire soundcard you cannot use an alsa soundcard. (Though you could connect via alsa_in/alsa_out).
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