Fanstasia problem with LS Plugin

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Fanstasia problem with LS Plugin

Post by Klangfarben » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:59 pm

Hi, I'm having trouble with Fantasia and the LS plugin trying to change the midi and audio devices of a loaded (or unloaded) instrument.

Here's what I'm doing:
- In Windows 7 64-bit, I load a LinuxSampler 64bit plugin in Vienna Ensemble Pro (the host doesn't matter. I'm just using VE Pro in this case, but the same behavior occurs in Plogue Bidule as well).
- Once I load an instance of the LS plugin, it automatically launches Fantasia, creates 1 instrument and instanciates 1 midi device and 1 audio device - called MIDI Device 0 and Audio Device 0.
- I can then load up to 15 more instruments as normal, assigned to Midi Device 0 and Audio Device 0 for a total of 16 instruments assigned to this first LS plugin. So far so good.
- I then load another instance of LS in Vienna Ensemble Pro.
- It loads a second Fantasia window, creates 1 new instrument and instanciates another midi device and audio device. There is now a Midi Device 0 and Midi Device 1 as well as an Audio Device 0 and Audio Device 1. This new instrument that was created is assigned to Midi Device 1 and Audio Device 1, which is assigned to this second LS plugin. Again, so far so good.
- Now here is where the problem occurs. I've already got 16 instruments assigned to Midi Device 0 and Audio Device 0 which receive midi from and sends audio to the first LS plugin. The second LS plugin only has 1 instrument assigned to it currently and I would like to create 15 more instruments that are also assigned to the second LS plugin,
- I create another instrument in Fantasia, however instead of coming up assigned to Midi Device 1 and Audio Device 1, it is assigned to Midi Device 0 and Audio Device 0. This does me no good since I've already loaded 16 instruments for the first LS plugin.
- I then go to change the midi device assignment and audio device assignment to 1 instead of 0 so that it receives midi from the second LS plugin, NOT the first and also so that the audio outputs are going out of the second LS plugin, NOT the first.
- When I do this, I get the message "Changing the MIDI input of channel x: The MIDI Input port "Plugin" cannot be altered on this sampler channel!". I get the same message when I try to change the audio device from 0 to 1.

This is a huge issue because it means that if you load more than 17 midi instruments, to get the midi and audio device assignments correct, you would have to load one LS plugin for EACH midi instrument after 17 as the only way to instanciate a new instrument with a midi or audio device other than 0 (the first one) is to load another LS plugin.

This does not happen on the Mac OSX side using QSampler. How it works on the OSX side is that in QSampler, once you create instrument 17, it automatically assigns it to the second LS plugin. Once you create instrument 33 it automatically assigns it to the third LS Plugin, etc., etc.

Am I missing something here? if you actually cannot change the midi and audio device of an instrument in Fantasia when using LS in plugin mode (as opposed to standalone), you would be limited to a total of 1 midi instrument for EACH LS plugin past the first 16. Since I'm trying to load about a hundred instruments or so, there is no way I'm going to load 84 instanciations of the LS plugin to do this. It's not really feasible at all. And I can't run LS Standalone as I'm routing everything through VE Pro to a second computer. I'm running latest builds of LS/Fantasia for Windows and Java is updated as well. QSampler doesn't even seem to function at all under Windows 7 64-bit so that's not an option either.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

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