Fantasia for Windows - problem report (bank numbers)

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Fantasia for Windows - problem report (bank numbers)

Post by RobS » Wed Jan 04, 2012 3:09 am

Fantasia version 0.9cvs2, used in Windows 7

Summary: Bank numbers are displayed incorrectly


LSCP files contain bank number following the GM and GM2 specification, starting at 0 for the GM bank and 128 for the first bank of GM2 sounds.
Fantasia displays these banks in MIDI instrument maps as Bank 1 and Bank 129 correspondingly.
These numbers do not correspond to the Bank Change messages which LinuxSampler (correctly) responds to i.e. Bank 0 and Bank 128.
This is confusing for the users when selecting sounds from the MIDI instrument maps.
Please can Fantasia be modified to display the correct GM and GM2 Bank numbers and not add an offset of +1?
Or have a preferences option for turning the offset OFF.


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