I can't create lscp. why?

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I can't create lscp. why?

Post by ffarinha » Sun Dec 04, 2011 11:47 am

09:40:31.280 Client connecting...
09:40:31.285 Server is starting...
09:40:31.289 linuxsampler
09:40:31.304 Server was started with PID=2402.
lscp_client_create: cmd: connect: Ligação recusada
LinuxSampler 1.0.0.svn15
Copyright (C) 2003,2004 by Benno Senoner and Christian Schoenebeck
Copyright (C) 2005-2011 Christian Schoenebeck
Detected features: MMX SSE SSE2
Automatic Stacktrace: Off
Creating Sampler...OK
Registered sampler engines: 'GIG','SF2','SFZ'
Registered MIDI input drivers: ALSA,JACK
Registered audio output drivers: ALSA,JACK
Loading instrument editor plugins...OK
Registered instrument editors: 'gigedit'
Registered internal effect systems: LADSPA
Registered internal effects: 230
Starting LSCP network server (
09:40:34.518 Client connecting...
09:40:34.528 Client receive timeout is set to 1000 msec.
09:40:34.540 Client connected.
09:40:34.564 Sent fine tuning settings.
09:40:34.577 New session: "Untitled1".
LinuxSampler initialization completed. :-)

LSCPServer: Client connection established on socket:4.
LSCPServer: Client connection established on socket:5.

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