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Qsampler message

Post by thefoxbox » Thu Apr 07, 2011 1:40 am


I installed the latest CVS qsampler and libs recently and was trying out the LV2 plugin in Ardour today. I got an error message in qsampler when I tried to load the same instrument into more than one channel.

17:18:02.545 Channel 1 lscp_set_channel_audio_device: The audio output device 'Plugin' cannot be dropped from this sampler channel! (errno=100)
17:18:02.581 Channel 1 lscp_set_channel_midi_device: The MIDI input port 'Plugin' cannot be altered on this sampler channel! (errno=100)
17:18:02.609 Channel 1 Some channel settings could not be set. Sorry.

The sampler plays, but I am wondering of there is a way to avoid this error (other than not loading the same instrument into multiple channels).


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