SF2 Engine supports Midi CC messages?

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SF2 Engine supports Midi CC messages?

Post by sleat » Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:09 am


Fairly new to LS, and everything's working fine, I've created my own soundfonts from some old sampler data.

Now, I can use the Viena program (windows) to create modulators, which in other software that plays SF2, will use the CC midi data to set the release in the soundfont. So say, for example I connect control 16 to Envelope Release (seconds). I do this in the soundfont editor, save the soundfont, load into LinuxSampler, and no control of the release. :-(

Setting a hardcoded number in the soundfont global segment works fine. How do I assign MIDI controls to the soundfont properties?

I've tried this in both my created, and other SF2s, but no luck.

Thanks in advance for any advice, or documentation reference.


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