Linuxsampler Suse 11.3, new user

You're new to the LinuxSampler world? You don't know where to start and nothing works? Here's the place to ask for help.
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Kai Günther
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Linuxsampler Suse 11.3, new user

Post by Kai Günther » Wed Oct 13, 2010 10:38 am

Hello, I am a new member and since some days a fan of Linuxsampler on windows platform.
Now I want to use it with suse 11.3 for producing music with linux.
I cannot find any advices in this forum, its also not possible for me installing it with yast or webpin., because they dont
find linuxsampler. I tried to download parts and put them into the repositories but Im not experienced enough at this time
making Linuxsampler be installed. How can I do so?

Kai Günther, Hamburg

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