Play MIDI files using LinuxSampler on Mac OS X

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Play MIDI files using LinuxSampler on Mac OS X

Post by anasynth » Thu Jun 10, 2010 2:58 pm

I'd like to be able to use LinuxSampler on Mac OS X to create audio from a MIDI file input. LinuxSampler is installed and running fine but I'm a little bit puzzled as to what I have to do next. Through research I understand that I need at least three components: The MIDI player software, the synthesis software (LinuxSampler here) and a software to link the two together. I'd like to use a command line based MIDI player and so I was thinking of Midish. The bit I'm stuck at really is the linking software. I've heard of Mac's CoreMIDI and IAC but I'm unsure how to go about using them.

Can any one tell me if I'm on the right lines? If so I would appreciate any advice as to how to go about correctly setting up LinuxSampler and IAC (or another linking program) in order to achieve my goal.

Thanks in advance.

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