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Looking to make a master midiclock computer

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:44 am
by eosophobia
I am hoping the wealth of knowledge on this site can help. I am looking to make a master MIDI clock computer that may even run master effects. I then want to be able to sync up 3 or 4 additional computers as slaves running reason, reaper or bitwig (depending on who I am working with). End result being that we then would all be in sync. Allowing us to bring in our own sounds or songs without having to try to worry about tempo or timing be off. It seems like Linuxsampler in combination with ethernetMIDI just could be the ticket. Anyone done this or have any suggestions? I much prefer the master computer be linux but the others will be windows (versions 7 thru 10) One may be a Ipad. Any advice would be great. I feel like I have been from one end of the internet to the other looking for a solution to do this!!! Thanks!

P.S. The Reaper and Bitwig computers will be the newest versions. The Reason computers will be running ver.5, ver.8 and ver.10