Windows LinuxSampler VST - More Info Needed!

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Re: Windows LinuxSampler VST - More Info Needed!

Postby typewriter » Sun Apr 26, 2009 11:20 am

It works!

Tested Reaper x86 (32bit) on XP and on Vista 64.

It does not work on Vista 64 (64 bit) with Reaper X64 and jbridge. Seems to be a path problem - the linuxsampler-1.dll can not be found.

It did not work with Ableton Live.

I don't grab the concept of inserting more than one channel in reaper, yet. Inserting more than on instance loads fantasia several times. I may post a template when I figure it out.

The should be a button to call up and hide the gui. Once you loaded all your sounds you don't need it anymore.


I am getting better with the vsti instance channel game. Inserting an instance in Reaper means having 16 midi channels per track at hand. You create 15 more channels in Fantasia getting their midi information from one Reaper track (port). If you need more than 16 midi channels you have insert another Reaper track with another instance of LS vsti. At this point you have only one stereo out per Reaper track. You can create more outputs in Fantasia but I am not sure what to do to route these additional outputs to seperate tracks into into Reaper. Did anybody achieve this yet?


Ableton Live works, too. For some strange reason it seem that you need to place the linuxsampler.dll into a seperate folder. When i copied it into the VST folder it was not recognized. When I created a linuxsampler folder and placed the dll in there it suddenly worked. Same with Samplitude. So, maybe the final installer should create this folder within the vst folder.

Problem with Live: The plugin window is extremly small - not useable in any way. Might be confusing.
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