Load LSCP file by midi? Keyrange?

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Load LSCP file by midi? Keyrange?

Post by Keyboardmanufaktur » Mon Oct 20, 2014 12:50 am

Hey people,

I'm new to LS and Linux itself but I now have a machine running kxstudio. When I found out how linux works and how to connect things it was pretty easy to get it running.
I'm using LS and the fantasia-frontend.

As far as I can see it is not possible to save and recall sound-setups. Is that right? If I create an instrument map and build a nice sounding setup with four or five different channels... is the only way to save it a LSCP file (which can't be recalled by midi, right?) or did I overlooked something?

Another thing: Is there a feature that allows setting the keyrange? I didn't find it. It would be a nice feature for creating split-zones.


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Re: Load LSCP file by midi? Keyrange?

Post by varpa » Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:43 pm

You can load an LSCP script with this command: cat yourscript.lscp | netcat localhost 8888
see: http://www.linuxsampler.org/documentation.html

As far as I know you cannot control note ranges, i.e. splits with LSCP.

You can also run linuxsampler as a plugin in carla or a DAW like Ardour or qtractor, which will save your set up, plus allow you to add plugins to control midi range, or effects like reverb. My setup using Ardour is described here: http://www.remastersys.com/forums/index ... pic=3300.0
Here is a tutorial about using Ardour + linuxsampler: http://www.libremusicproduction.com/tut ... m-together

In principle, carla might be a simpler way to host virtual instruments, but up to now I have not gotten it to work reliably.

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