dealing with EG envelopes

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dealing with EG envelopes

Post by jerash » Tue Dec 03, 2013 11:54 am


i'm trying to figure out how egN_xxx envelopes do work.

So far i've been able to apply a volume envelope of one second with two points using
eg8_time0=0 eg8_level0=1 //first point of envelope
eg8_time1=1 eg8_level1=0 //second point of envelope
eg8_volume=0 //apply envelope to region volume

Now what i want to do is :
1) have a moving release point
i'm sure i can use the egN_timeX_onccY opcode to move the second point, but i've not figured out how "modulated byt the CC" is affecting the given value.
For example here I define a value of 1, how is this number being modulated by the midi CC range of 0>127 ??

2) the region to end (completely stop playing) at the end of the envelope.
a volume envelope is just volume, so to have the region to end, i should use the egN_sustain i think.
So I tried adding eg8_sustain=1 to define the second point as release point, but the region is not ending after the one second duration defined, only the volume is (i'm not detailing the complete environment sorry, but i want to focus on the envelope methods)
Do i need some other opcode for the region to end at the end of the envelope ?

finally, what is the difference between volume and amplitude ?

Thanks for advice,

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