Blocked on simple gigedit question

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Blocked on simple gigedit question

Post by jacob » Wed Apr 30, 2008 5:10 am

I've been trying to learn how to use gigedit. So far i have not found it self explanatory.

I can load samples into "groups" but there are no options relating these to "instruments". The entire right side of the screen is greyed out where the "sample", "amplitude", "mandatory settings" and all other kinds of interesting things are. I've attached a screenshot:

Any advice would be appreciated. Either there is something dead simple that i'm missing or the app is somehow not fully configured or something. There's not actually any documentation for this is there?

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Re: Blocked on simple gigedit question

Post by dahnielson » Wed Apr 30, 2008 1:02 pm

Yes, it's really simple. Here's what you do...
  • OK, so you have added the samples you need to the file. The groups are just a nicety so have them sorted, e.g. if you build a drum kit it's nice to have all snare drum samples in one group, kick in another and so on...
  • Now right-click in the gray area above the virtual keyboard. You will get a context menu with a single "add" entry, select it to create a new region. (Note that the previously grayed out area is now come to life.) You can now reposition the region and stretch it out over several keys.
  • To add a sample, select the region (if you already have created several) and drag a sample from the sample list and drop it on the "Sample" textbox on the Sample tab. You have now assigned a sample to the group.
  • To make velocity splits you need to add a velocity dimension. (If the sample you added above was in stereo a samplechannel dimension was automatically created.) Right click on the region, you will get a context menu, select the "Dimensions..." entry and a new window called "Dimensions of selected Region" will pop up. Click on the "Add" button and select the type of dimension ("130 Velocity" in this case) and the number of zones wanted. A new dimension is added beneath the virtual keyboard and you can resize the zones as you like. Select a zone and add a sample just like above, then select another zone and add another sample, and so on...
Some other posts regarding editing in Gigedit that might be of interest:
And the slightly incomplete documentation: ... start.html

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