Instrument Database - importing never finishes

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Instrument Database - importing never finishes

Post by MaSchl » Mon Apr 01, 2024 3:39 pm

Hey guys,

just like when loading an instrument on a sampler channel - adding instruments to the database never "officially" finishes.
When I go ahead, save the project and shut Reaper and/or force shut Fantasia standalone & LS after a while, the instruments are in fact added to the database - I just wish I could do that not blindfolded like this.
What could be the reason for LS/Fantasia not refreshing or finishing these processes?

I'm on Win10x64, some i7, 128 GB RAM, Quadro RTX 3000, running a MOTU M2 through a Thunderbolt port, 3 internal 6 TB M2 SSDs, 1 external M2 SSD on thunderbolt with all my samples on it.

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