Bug (?): Windows Installer/Uninstaller behaviors

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Bug (?): Windows Installer/Uninstaller behaviors

Post by PassinThru » Tue Aug 02, 2022 8:42 pm

Bugzilla registration is disabled and I don't really want to trouble anyone for a manual signup, so I'm posting this here. Not sure if it really constitutes a "bug" or not, but it's definitely irritating, should definitely (imo) be fixed, and definitely cost me a whole morning.

When running the Windows installer, it asks for a directory to install to. I pointed it at my standard VST plugin path and let it do its business.

Soon after, I wanted to do a fresh install, and because I wasn't sure what files it may have dumped in the twenty billion or so various appdata/programdata/registry locations Windows installers notoriously diarrhea stuff into, I figured I'd just run the uninstaller.

Huge. Mistake.

It happily wiped every single plugin from my VST plugin folder. And since it's an uninstaller, its deletions bypass the Windows Recycle Bin.

I was able to recover most of my plugins (and at least know which ones were unrecoverable), so I guess no lasting harm, but this really, really soured me on the LinuxSampler project!

I think if the uninstaller just DELTREE's the whole directory, then maybe the installer should automatically append \LinuxSampler\ to the end of whatever path you select.

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