Cello excerpt from "Alone" by Anders Dahnielson

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Cello excerpt from "Alone" by Anders Dahnielson

Post by dahnielson » Fri Mar 14, 2008 1:21 pm

I just tried to figure out how to get some material from my old portable digital recording studio (it refused to burn any CD-R and the S/PDIF is optical while my audio interface is coaxial so I had to go analog) when I stumbled upon this old backing track to a demo, using the sample library I wrote about in another post, which wasn't that bad.

It was recorded as a performance in one take with me playing the two cello parts using Classical Instruments from Sample Factory on my AKAI S2000. The excerpt is quite repetitive, but it's part of a backing track for a pop song so that comes with the territory. :D The only addition I've made is to use a convolution reverb when I "mastered" it to my desktop computer, instead of the hardware reverb that was never bounced to a track in the original demo.


It's not made with LinuxSampler, but could just as well have been. I just thought it was fun to share some old stuff.
Anders Dahnielson

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