Envy24 Control Utility

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Envy24 Control Utility

Post by dahnielson » Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:11 pm

Guess we should have a topic dedicated to this little utility, envy24control, that is part of the alsa-tools package. As you might already know, this is the tool you use to control the hardware settings on your ICE1712 based audio interface. There are a quite a number of cards from different vendors that use this chip, so I expect there will be a number of "1712ers" hanging around on this forum in the future.

I'm a newbie to it myself, so I will ask the first couple of questions, in this case about controlling a Delta 1010:

1) What do the "Volume Change" with the spin button labeled "Rate" control exactly?

2) There is no master fader right? The card will simply output whatever is given to it?
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Re: Envy24 Control Utility

Post by josander » Thu Jun 19, 2008 11:39 am

dahnielson wrote: There is no master fader right? The card will simply output whatever is given to it?
This is an old post so you probably know this by now, but I answer the second question anyway:
Yes, no master. Just keep your levels under control in the apps that's in your Jack chain (if you use Jack) and that's all.

You might wanna try the kenvy24 mixer as well. Many people will probably find it much more intuitive and easy to use. Personally, I don't like it at all because the kenvy24 channels is uncorrectly paired as stereo channels in stead of stand alone channels. I hope that the kenvy24 developers consider to remove the "Stereo system" or also make a single strip alternative.

Links (http and subversion)
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