sfz trigger question

This forum section was originally created while we were discussing a new, additional engine and sampler format designed from scratch. In the meantime this resulted in our new SFZ2 engine, which is already implemented to a large extent. However this is still the right place for ideas, feature requests, drafts and plans for new engine / format concepts and ideas. We now have 3 sampler engines (Gig, SFZ2, SoundFont 2). Why not having more?

sfz trigger question

Postby azathoth » Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:49 pm

Is there a way to set a sample with trigger=release to play only if there aren't any other regions playing?
Something like trigger=first , combined with trigger=release, I guess. trigger=last ?

I'd like to have release samples play only on the end of legato phrases, like start samples would on the start of legato phrases.

Sorry if this is not the right subforum, 100% unrelated seemed too unrelated for this.
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