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Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 11:01 am
by bodzio66
At the great load well he is to limit the polyphony in LS in order to prevent to the breakdown of the server jackd. Of placing they are difficult, but possible, however I would suggest the substantial change. LS is limiting the polyphony by them admission of new sounds. It is of course very audible. Far better it would be, if to turn old sounds off (already lasting some time). In most cases the such limitation wouldn't be audible even for playing!
Thank you

Re: Stream

Posted: Sun Jan 12, 2014 2:48 pm
by cuse
Huuu hard to decode what you are writing. You probably used Google translate or something. :)

Anyway, it is intentional that voices are not killed when executing MIDI program changes. Many musicians use this to i.e. play and hold a string chord, switch the sound and only after the sounds has been loaded release the string sound. So you can even play the old sound and the new sound together in this way. LinuxSampler will free the old sound only after all voices of the old sound were released by the musician.