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Converter giga to sfz ?

Posted: Tue Oct 25, 2011 11:21 am
by bodzio66
As precisely as in the subject. LS is passing the format on sfz, and many a few banks collected the giga. It is simply a waste of time of money for paid converter for a few giga. All the more so because LS will do it in an optimal way for it engine. While sfz. I like this format. I wrote yesterday, that I had a problem in sorting samples. I set to work and I connected a few sfz text files into the one-off. And played!!!!!!
I am sitting on linux (ubuntu natty) and sfz are acting under LS only with banks ogg (without wav). I suppose it is under construction and therefore, but I am proposing the problem, because perhaps about it not yet it is known. Wav are acting for me from gig even 24-bit.
I thank