Suggestion, a port and channel switcher.

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Suggestion, a port and channel switcher.

Post by Alex » Wed Mar 12, 2008 4:55 am

Ok, i've been having a think about this for a while.
I have multiple midi ports set up in LS. (In my current template setup there are 18 ports, each with 16 channels)
Currently, i have to use a sequencer of some sort to specify which port and channel i want at a given moment. This brings challenges and a lot of time consuming work, scrolling up and down a track list, and making tracks active and non active. and the audio out from LS is going into Ardour at the moment, but this could well apply to other audio workstations.

I propose a GUI in the shape of a narrow rectangular strip, that sits at the top or bottom of a screen (and with window manager settings could be made to stay in the same spot for each startup.) and covers little screen space.
The strip has two rows, one for ports, one for channels, with a small box at one end for midi in from a midi kbd, and some sort of dual led meter to monitor midi in and out.
Each port or channel button is activated in 'record' mode, that is, when inputting midi, the button selected is lit, or of a different colour. This port channel pair is used only for inputting, and in a circumstance of recording the audio out from LS, without requiring a midi record of some sort. (We can do this in a sequencer already, if we wish.)
The switcher would show up in qjackctl, and we would manually connect our midi kbds to a single port in (perhaps two or three port in options would be better, for those of us who use second midi kbds,etc), and cable the ports out to LS ports according to need.

Each port and channel button would be capable of being shortcut or keybinding assignable, but importantly, would also be able to accept Midi cc keybinding designations, so again, those of us with second midi kbds, or control surfaces could assign keys or buttons to each port and channel button, and be able to switch quickly as needed.

Additionally, the switcher would probably need some sort of preset function, so we could save port states, and it would also be useful if we could rename each port out for ease of recognition.

I've been doing a lot of work lately without having a sequencer open, and simply driving LS from my keyboard to produce audio. I don't always need or want a midi record of work done, and i think i'm not on my own. The problem is, i can only switch 16 channels in a single port, and then i either have to open a sequencer, or manually connect and disconnect ports in qjackctl.

It would also be useful to be able to build port map templates,that is, 4 ports, or 8 ports, or a number designated by the user. (I'd start with 20 and whittle it down from there).
Alternatively, if the switcher, when opened, automatically recognised how many ports were being used in LS, this would make life easier too. (and maybe auto recognise alias names as well.)

I can see this as a natural extension of LS, with its multi midi port capability, and think many would find it useful. we would then be free of a 16 channel limit if inputting from a physical keyboard, and free of using a sequencer if we want to just record audio.

what do you chaps think?


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Re: Suggestion, a port and channel switcher.

Post by lowkey » Wed Mar 12, 2008 10:00 pm

+100 :D

Being able to make sounds on the fly without opening a sequencer would be very cool. Im getting a Behringer BCR2000 to use with LinuxSampler only. Separating the input midi channels from direct connection to instruments would make LS insanely powerful to use.

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