sharing lscp files (file path problem)

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sharing lscp files (file path problem)

Post by Steele » Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:08 pm


I want to share my lscp files because these are large setups for static sample libs, but I fear that is not possible. Maybe you can offer a workaround or at least a reason.

The problem is that lscp allows only absolute file paths. So my homedir or my /mnt dir is always in there.

I read the "load sample" section in the lscp docs (latest stable and draft) as well as one bug report for relative filepaths, both suggest that there are no relative paths, and indeed they do not work.

It would be possible to share a shellscript that does search and replace in my lscp file, once others downloaded it, but I would rather see a more elegant solution or better lscp-support for relative paths.


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Re: sharing lscp files (file path problem)

Post by varpa » Tue Apr 03, 2012 8:56 pm

You can use symbolic links to directories to samples so if that would be one way to write your lscp files. For example, on all systems have a directory called /samples which is a symbolic link to wherever your samples are. Anther solution is to re-write your lscp files with the script below:
# $1 = lscp file
# $2 = old directory
# $3 = new directory
sed 's|'"$2"'|'"$3"'|g' $1 > $
echo "Created $"

This will create a new lscp with ".new" appended to the name with the new directory name.

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