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Updating mechanism of linuxsampler when sfz changes

Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:24 am
by sompler
Imagine following scenario: You created an sfz with many .wav files, load it into linuxsampler, start your vst host, do some composition, then change a few .wav files of your sfz, adding a few new samples, removing some samples and so on, and update the .sfz file. Now, when will linuxsampler update to the new content? Immediately, after closing and reopening or is there any special command which you can send to a RUNNING linuxsampler and it would just update to the new state of the .sfz, meaning with all the new mappings and samples. If this would work it would be great just to update own sample kits as often as you need it during the composition process, without any negative drawbacks. Thanks in advance.