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NkiTool and the NKI format.

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2011 6:19 am
by tajiman
Just started playing around with LS under Win 7 and so far so good. I'm interested in converting kontakt sample formats into the SFZ format and have been using nkitool to peruse a few nki files. Any ideas on what the xml tags in the nki file mean? I've figured out a few of the tags (lowVelocity highVelocity, lowKey, highKey), but was specifically interested in how round robin specs are defined.

Based on the xml format it seems to me that if the embedded audio samples are in .wav format, the only thing needed to build a basic converter from nki to sfz would be a the nkitool and a sophisticated XSLT. Is that correct?

Great work on the sampler. Running it in Reaper and it's rock solid.