Advise for QMIDIRoute

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Advise for QMIDIRoute

Postby Hilare » Wed Feb 20, 2008 2:00 pm

Reading some interesting posts about MIDI, i think it could be useful to make people aware of QMIDIRoute.

This Linux little tool ( the W32 brother is MIDIox ) act as a Midi router ( surprise ;-) ) and can store/restore your personal rules. Regarding the rules you can do exactly everything you want to. It is a standard software plugable via Jack, so i imagine there is no problem to use either Jack Midi ( untested from me ) or Alsa Midi transport ( tested ).

I was using it the "soundfont days" to modify ( so live ) the velocity curve of a keyboard. Please note that this tool do _not_ introduce any latency.

This is a graphical tool ( QT if my memory is good ) designed as a Swiss knife ( the rough side ;-) ).

One of the interesting function is the simple log which display ( as soon as pluged in Jack ) all the Midi commands crossing the channel ( or channels ) your are looking for. In one word: If your are a user of Linuxsampler and/or a keyboard player, you will need this tool sooner or later.

You will find it on the AlsaModularSynth page ( there is a lot of interesting tools here ): , but you can also find the rpm on Planet CCRMA, and i think i can remember that Fedora and Mandrake have now the corresponding rpm.

Have fun
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Re: Advise for QMIDIRoute

Postby Alex » Wed Feb 20, 2008 3:09 pm

Welcome to the LS forum!

As this is part of a combined challenge concerning midi port assignment outside of a sequencer, i've posted a reply to Ander's orginal response in the original thread.

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