GSP file support

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GSP file support

Post by madallig » Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:00 am

Are there any plans to support GSP files??

I can't see anything about this. It's very important to have this support as all my compositions (hundreds) have been made with the help of gigastudio and saved with GSP file extension... and I do not want to waste time making brand new lists again ... by one by one extracting from notepad.

A GSF file is a performance list file .... all alternatives to gigastudio have not thought about this option ... of supporting GSP files.

I think only g-player said they were thinking about implementing support for GSP files ...

Any feed back or help is welcome - especially how to extract GSP files into readable instrument list for linuxsampler.

The other option is to continue to use Giga Studio -- which works fine but crashes often ...

Adam Gill

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