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OSX VST Version

Post by typewriter » Thu Jan 07, 2010 4:18 am

I would like to suggest a VST version for OSX.

The Audiounit seems not to work very good at least in my testing. I tested in Reaper, Vienna Ensemble Pro and Logic. AUs tend in general to be more problematic than VST.
The AU crashes Logic when you insert more than 9 Instances, it crashes Reaper when inserting a couple more instances, but it crashes it.
The 64bit version does not produce any sound in the 64 bit version of Vienna Ensemble Pro. While you can insert a significant number of instances in the 32 bit version of Vienna Ensemble Pro it crashes also. Connecting the host to Vienna Ensemble Pro unloads all LS samples what is very frustrating.
You can add a new audio device (output) only be inserting a new instance, i.e. every instance has one stereo out - period. This is not very flexible. I could not route the sounds of a drumset to different outs.

So if it's possible to compile an OSX version of the Win VST this would be a good move in my opinion. This would also make it possible to bridge LS into Protools.

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