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How about distributing LV2 plugin in m$windows installer?

Posted: Sun May 20, 2018 7:49 pm
by nick87720z
These days i make some install-test with some cross-platform linux-audio software, for which windows builds are released. Native jack and lv2 support in official binaries is not fantasy anymore. Some plugins are already made available for that arch in lv2 format. Of course, VST is version is also capable itself, but LV2 also has potential use places. There are at least 2 floss hosts, built with lv2 support for that arch: Ardour and Carla plugin host.
What LS folks think about to include LV2 plugins (32 and 64-bit) into current installers?
Those, who eventually need rounting control and device management, would find useful jack support too
(ASIO is pretty useless for standalone plugins due to lack of MIDI support in it... of course, unless audio channels are not used for control).