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Broken List.

Posted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 11:22 pm
by mschnell
Hi LinuxSampler experts,

I am trying to run Linux Sampler (stand alone) together with Bome "Midi Translator" on a Win 64 machine.

First, I installed LinuxSampler and Native Instruments Kontakt 5 Player. I was able to run them side by side driven by separate midi channels from a Native Instruments "Audio 6" USB audio and Midi interface box.

I could easily select the Audio 6 as Midi input port as well for Kontakt as for LinuxSampler.

Then I installed Bome MidiTranslator. Same creates a "virtual" Midi port that it can output a Midi data stream on.

I now can select Audio 6 and/or the Bome virtual Midi port in Kontakt as a source for Midi messages. MidiTranslator is set to use Audio 6 as input device, and this chain works great.

But when starting, LinuxSampler now issues an error message
"Updating Midi Devices: Broken List."

LinuxSampler still works nonetheless with the setup I created before the problem had been introduced (supposedly when the installation of Bome created the virtual midi device). But I can't create a new setup or modify the Midi source of the existing one, as when trying to select a source midi port, I get nothing but the said error message.

Any help or things I should test to track down the problem ?


Re: Broken List.

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:29 am
by mschnell
Follow up:

I found out that it is very ,likely that the problem is, that the virtual Port Midi Translator creates is named

Bome's Midi Translator 1 Virtual Out

i.e.including a single quote character.

A discussion with Florian, the maker of Midi Translator, resulted in the fact that using a single quote in such a name is perfectly legal and that hence LinuxSampler is supposed to accept it.

Looking at the format of the file Linux sampler saves it's setup in, shows that the Midi port name is surrounded by single quotes and this seems to suggest that it does not expect such names to contain quotes.

Any tricks on how to make this work ?