Sampling itunes w/Linux sampler (too complicated for me?)

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Sampling itunes w/Linux sampler (too complicated for me?)

Post by hjkfkjyudh » Sun Mar 08, 2009 8:20 pm

Hello, I downloaded everything (yet to hook up my Midi, a Casio CT-470 keyboard), or download any free online samples----my questions is this: I am working on a PC (Windows XP: Intel pentium 4; HP Medicacenter PC m1082n; 3.20 GHZ CPU; 1 GB RAM); & I would like to sample fragments of songs from my itunes collection---how do i do? I am starting to think "Linux Project" is to complicated for me & I should buy ableton, sony acid pro, garageband or Logic express. Is this software intuitive enough to get me making music? If not, can someone reccomend software that lets me sample itunes & is super easy to use and make music? ---woody

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Re: Sampling itunes w/Linux sampler (too complicated for me?)

Post by dahnielson » Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:27 am

I was tempted to simply answer: Yes.

But... If it's an MP3 why not just open it in Audacity or any other sound editor to extract the samples you need? Of course you will need to seek permission (a "release" in legalease) from the right holder to the song you're sampling (unless you're using something like aCreative Common licensed piece) to use the sample if you intend to publicly release any song you create with it.

Note that the current purpose of LinuxSampler is to play virtual instruments in the GIGA format (and SFZ coming soon). It's not a phrase sampler or beat slicer.
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