No poll for February

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No poll for February

Post by dahnielson » Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:43 pm

There will be no new feature poll until March.

I will try to consolidate some entries that actually cover the same feature (eg. formant manipulation and DEF/PRF filters). Also I would like to have a link to a FRQ in the tracker for each poll option. If there's FRQs in the bug tracker or forum or mailing list archive that's not yet in the poll, please post a link to them in this thread.

As usual, you can view the tracking poll here with stricken entries implemented in CVS: ... -G7YZBO_Ww

The top five

1. Convolution (14)
2. SFZ 2.0 engine (9)
3. Full support for articulation (.art) files (6)
4. Extensive SMP (multi processor) support (5)
5. LASH support (4)
5. LADSPA effect support (4)
5. Make it possible to save files larger than 2GB (Gigedit / libgig) (4)
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